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Last updated 19/6/2013

Advanced Features


    Integration of Online Claiming (electronic submission of private patient claims/Medicare bulk-billing/Vet Affairs claims to Medicare Australia/DVA). 

   Appointments module allows daily, weekly and monthly views of appointments. Recurring appointments can be created, and a waiting list for cancellations maintained. Rapid switching between MediWiz and Appointments for MediWiz.

    Archiving of inactive patients; archived details can be rapidly retrieved at a future date. The main database does not then get cluttered with hundreds of inactive patients.

    Facility for adding annotations to individual or all accounts. The annotations can be permanent or once-only.

    Store clinical data, organised by date and note type, and subsequently retrieve it and produce statistics by searching for particular keywords. 

    Link to clinical software programs for prescription writing or other clinical features Best Practice, Locum, Medical Director 

    Links to Microsoft Word for letter writing (patient/referrer data automatically retrieved). Click here to view a sample merged letter.

    The output of any report can be sent to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. This can be useful, for example, to email a patient financial history, rather than printing and sending it.