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Last updated 22/11/2016



Prospective MediWiz Users

Contact us to arrange for a no-obligation free personal demonstration of MediWiz and/or a demo version on CD.


Latest Version (current MediWiz Users version 6.00 and above only):

Exit from MediWiz, and click here to download and upgrade to version 6.18 revision 22/11/2016. 

Recent version history: 

6.18 - fix bug where the payment method was not showing on the payment audit trail report

6.17 - fix bug where some patients could not be archived, new Online claiming statement and lodgement reports

6.16 - automatically derive fee for video conferencing, move to most recent clinical note

6.15 - fix bug where family members not showing on consultation screen, check for inactive practitioner in patients restored from archive

6.14 - add item count checks for ophthalmology items, correct psychiatry item count checks

6.13 - modify backup/restore to also backup/restore any letter template files

6.12 - warn if patient selected on Patient screen has the same name as another patient

6.11 - default date to today for new clinical notes

6.10 - fix bug when closing recall report

6.09 - add spell check for comments and clinical notes, report clinical search results by doctor name rather than separate providers

6.08 - add Date Recall Sent, allow multiple Word templates for letters, group clinical notes by doctor name rather than provider number




6.00 - major new release with MediWiz now written in Microsoft Access 2003 and compatible with Windows Vista. Help file now in HTML help, multiple patients can be selected at once for archiving, new patients can be created by copying another patient's details, practitioners can be identified by a nick name.


PKI Certificate Manager (current MediWiz Online claiming Users only):

Click here to download and run the latest version of the PKI Certificate Manager. Save to any location, and then run the EXE file.  After doing this a PKI Certificate Manager applet will be visible in Windows Control Panel. Click on the following to download instructions on:

  Updating your personal certificates when they expire.


November 2014 Medical Benefits Schedule (current MediWiz Users only):

Click one of the following 3 options to download a self-extracting EXE file which contains an Excel spreadsheet of the Medicare item charges effective from 1/11/2014. The file must be run after downloading it.

                     Windows XP users click here (file will be extracted to C:\Program Files\MediWiz)

                     Windows 7 users click here (file will be extracted to C:\ProgramData\MediWiz)

                         OR click here (file will be extracted to C:\ProgramData\Creative Computing Pty Ltd\MediWiz)

Windows 7 users need to know where on their PC the MediWiz folder is located. If you don't know, try the first Win 7 option, and if that fails to get the updated fees into MediWiz (as described in the next paragraph), then try the second Win 7 option.

Once you have opened/run the downloaded file the charges can be imported into MediWiz by selecting Maintenance, MBS Item Charges from the main menu. 


Appointments for MediWiz:

Click here to download and install version 2.3 (500 kb) revision 21/7/2006. This file is password protected. The password is provided to registered Appointments for MediWiz users. Appointments for MediWiz must have first been installed from an installation CD.